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FCoTR Takes on TSA

I have proof there is a government conspiracy against Fibre Channel over Token Ring (FCoTR).  I arrived at the Austin airport Saturday morning.  I was minding my own business, as I always do, (unless, of course, I’m minding someone else’s) when the metal detector at security went off.  I never set that thing off, I’ve done this way too many times to forget some stupid thing that would set that off.  I pat myself down several times and still come up empty.  Since I’m still setting off the alarm on the detector, I get sent to the special cow pen for the full pat down procedure.

Here’s what they found in the bottom of one of the 20 pockets in my cargo shorts:

FCoTR can't get past TSA

Just an example of the conspiracy against FCoTR.  Don’t believe any claims that this is just a protocol issue, such as the token being passed down the wrong path or excessive delays in granting permission for transmission, those types of comments are just diversions funded by the Ethernet Lobbyists (aka Communists).

I’d like to point out that my reason for being harassed at the Austin airport was due to my attending Tech Field Day 7.  It was my first time attending and I had a blast.  I learned some good stuff and met a bunch of cool/geeky people, if you’ll pardon my putting those two terms together.  Stephen Foskett and Matt Simmons put on an excellent event.

P.S. My > 3 oz bottle of Maple Syrup, courtesy of Mr. Foskett, made it through TSA in my carry-on just fine, much easier than the little FCoTR pin.