I have a wonderful wife and 4 great kids and live in Sunny Southern California. I am *not* the composer or jazz musician, so sorry to disappoint. I spent 8 years in the Navy, after which I became a Unix Sys Admin working for several companies in Silicon Valley. I then moved into the consulting world where I have specialized in backup & recovery.

I used to work for W. Curtis Preston (aka Mr. Backup) as part of The Storage Group and am again working for him as part of Truth in IT. We travel across the U.S. giving educational seminars on Backup & Recovery, which you can learn about and register for at truthinit.com.

I’m a geek at heart who loves technology and gadgets.

Why The Shining Ray of Darkness?

Turns out I’m one of those people who can quickly identify deficiencies in many things, some say all things. Is it my fault that every silver lining has a cloud?

Curtis and Robin will frequently make clawing gestures when I say things, which comes from Craig Ferguson’s Dr. Who lyrics, the “brute force and cynicism” part.  As a consultant, often brought in too late in the design process, I would feel the need to state, “I hate to be the shining ray of darkness here, but that won’t do what you need it to”.  My fellow Tech Field Day 7 delegates felt this would be an appropriate title for my blog, so there you go.


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